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Up-Coming Tax Deed Sales

Opening Bid Subject to change (As soon as opening bid is known it will be posted at

Please Note: When visiting our office, the paper files for Tax Deeds will no longer be available for public viewing. You can view the files on-line in our public records viewing area at the clerk's office OR on your computer at home. To view the files from home, use the Tax Deed Search Page, and enter your case number. From there, you can view the entire file.

Please note: All Sales are held on-line @

For on-line sales only - Please note: For walk in deposits, the $200 per sale deposit requirement must be made prior to one hour before the sale. The clerk will not accept deposits within one hour of the sale. On-line sales will be held at On-line deposits made by ACH must be made a minimum of 72 hours prior to sale.