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Official Records Guidelines and Procedures Public Announcement

In our efforts for continuous efficiency and improvement, the Official Records Department has developed written guidelines and procedures documenting our practices to assure consistency and uniformity. These guidelines will be implemented over the next several weeks.

Some of the highlights of the proposed changes are listed below. We acknowledge that some of the changes will require adjustments and hope that our regular users will support our efforts to standardize our practices as we cope with the fiscal limitations and growth impacts on our workload.

Document Types

The list of document types has been consolidated, grouping similar documents according to the general impact on real property rather than unique document titles. This list closely aligns with Florida Association of Court Clerks and Comptrollers’ suggested best practices and the statewide document type list in addition to providing filters for website prohibited court documents. The new document types are listed below with a general description.

AFFIDAVIT (AFF) A written statement made or taken under oath before an officer of the court or notary public or other person who has been duly authorized so to act.
AGREEMENT (AGR) Document between two or more entities setting forth a mutual assent or arrangement.
ASSIGNMENT (ASG) Document transferring an interest in a right or property from one party to another.
BOND (BND) Document with sureties, guaranteeing faithful performance of acts or duties contemplated.
CANCELLATION (CAN) Document cancelling or otherwise ending an obligation, covenant or arrangement, usually related to a previously recorded document.
CERTIFICATE (CTF) Document prepared by a duly authorized person certifying an action or statement.
CERTIFIED COPY OF JUDGMENT (CCJ) Any certified copy of a court judgment (usually serves as a lien.)
CONDO RELATED (CND) Document related to a specific condominium that does not classify as another document type.
COURT PAPER (CP) Document from any court, other than Probate, that does not classify as another document type.
DEATH CERTIFICATE (DC) Death certificates both Florida and out of state.
DEED (D) Document which conveys an interest in land from a grantor to a grantee.
EASEMENT (EAS) Document creating a right by an express or implied agreement of one owner of land to make lawful and beneficial use of the land of another.
FINANCING STATEMENT/UCC (FIN) UCC form. Note: UCC-3 forms should be classified as the specific document type indicated by the action of the form.
GOVERNMENT RELATED (GOV) Document filed by a governmental agency that does not classify as another document type.
JUDGMENT (JUD) Document issued by a court titled Judgment.
LIEN (LN) Document that creates a charge, hold, claim or encumbrance upon the property of another as security for some debt or charge.
LIS PENDENS (LP) Document filed to notice that a lawsuit is pending.
MARRIAGE LICENSE (MAR) Marriage license issued by and filed with the Clerk’s office.
MILITARY DISCHARGE (MIL) Military discharge document (Form DD-214)
MODIFICATION (MOD) Document noticing changes, revisions, or modifications to another previously filed document.
MORTGAGE (MTG) A conveyance of the conditional fee of a debtor to his creditor, intended as a security for the repayment of a loan, usually the purchase price of the property conveyed.
NOTICE (NOT) Document filed to give “notice” related to property ownership or financial responsibility.
NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT (NOC) Document filed indicating the starting of work on a particular property.
ORDER (ORD) Document issued by a court titled Order.
PLAT (PLT) A map that shows the location of real estate in relation to adjoining lots and landmarks.
POWER OF ATTORNEY (POA) Document filed by a person, a principal, appointing another person as agent and conferring upon the agent the authority to perform certain specified acts or kinds of acts on behalf of the principal.
PROBATE COURT PAPER (PRO) Documents from Probate Court that does not classify as another document type.
RELEASE (REL) Document discharging or releasing an obligation, covenant, or arrangement, usually related to a previously recorded document.
RESTRICTION (RST) Document presenting restrictions to the use of property for a particular subdivision or condominium.
SATISFACTION (SAT) Document discharging or satisfying an obligation, covenant, or arrangement, usually related to a previously recorded document.
TERMINATION (TER) Document terminating or otherwise ending an obligation, covenant, or arrangement, usually related to a previously recorded document.
TRANSFER OF LIEN/JUDGMENT (TRA) Document filed to transfer a lien, established by a previous document, to a surety.


The adopted indexing guidelines are supported by automated indexing technology and common indexing practices. The Official Records Index is a name/party based index intended to provide users with direction to documents. Therefore, our focus was to eliminate inconsistencies and subjectivity for indexing names.

Certain practices evolved and pre-date the current technology which allows immediate access to review most documents. Review of the document content then speaks for itself.

Referential information related to associated Official Records documents or Court case numbers will be included in the index when the information is a one-to-one reference. When a document has a many-to-one reference these references will not be included in the index in order to prevent any exclusion in search results.

Searches - Important Note/Suggestion

Documents included in the Official Records have many authors/preparers, therefore when searching it is important to consider possible spelling variations, spacing variations, commonly misspelled variations, abbreviations, nicknames, or substitute names. Multiple queries are suggested to retrieve the most information and account for these variations.

Helpful Hints

These hints and suggestions are intended to provide examples for searching the index information for the Official Records.

  • Names are identified and indexed as they are shown on the source document. The Clerk does not make assumptions or changes to the spelling and format presented on the source documents.
  • Abbreviations are no longer necessary with improved new technology. Names are indexed as they appear on documents. However prior system had limitations on the length of fields so abbreviations were used or a document author may abbreviate on the source document.
  • Punctuation is Not Included
  • Symbols
    • Apostrophe (‘) – remove and leave NO space
    • Period (.) – remove and leave ONE space
    • Comma (,) – remove and leave ONE space
    • Hyphen (-) – remove and leave ONE space
    • Quotes (“) – remove and leave ONE space
    • Parentheses (()) – remove and leave ONE space
    • Slash (/) – remove and leave ONE space unless separating a number as part of a fraction.
    • Any punctuation or symbol not listed above – remove and leave ONE space. This includes but is not limited to: # $ % * + = @ ! ? : _ ^
  • For consistency the ampersand (&) symbol is substituted for “and” within a name with a space before and after the “&”.
  • “The” is not indexed at the beginning of names.
  • Single character initials are indexed as they appear on the document with or without spaces. When unable to determine spacing, a space is included.
  • Roman and Arabic numbers are indexed as they appear on the document.

Please direct questions regarding this information to Ronda Powers, Recording Department Supervisor at 941-741-4080.