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Recording Process

One of the Clerk's primary responsibilities is to serve as Official Recorder of documents as defined by the state statutes. Those original documents, listed individually below, are brought in or mailed to the Recording Department. The Recording Department staff copies, scans, records the date and time the document was filed, adds the document to the book of Official Records and returns the original document by mail to the sender. The imaged documents are indexed by name, so that the recording data base can be searched. The Microfilm Department captures these various records using the scanned images to create a permanent microfilm record that is stored off-site.

Records Storage

Manatee County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) requested the Manatee County Clerk to operate a records center, with combined storage for all BCC supervised county offices and the Constitutional Officers. The County Records Center has 8,825 linear feet of shelving that contains approximately 17,000 boxes.

The Clerk's Record Center has 16,500 linear feet of shelving that holds approximately 442,100 case files from court cases that have not yet met the retention guidelines as established by the Florida Secretary of State.

In conjunction with best business practices, the Clerk embraces current digital imagery technology that reduces cost and fosters financial savings. There are currently 4,676,290 electronic documents that are part of Court files that are available for public viewing and the judiciary. The Official Records have 3,046,411 electronic documents that are available to the public on the Clerk's public web site.

Recording Fees

Service Provided Fee
Recording, indexing, filing any instrument not more than 14" X 8 1/2", including notice to property appraiser, when applicable
First page or fraction thereof $10.00
Each additional page or fraction thereof $8.50
Indexing instruments recorded in official records containing more than four names
Per additional name $1.00
Plats, examining, certifying and recording, and recording condominium exhibits larger than 14" X 8 1/2"
First page $30.00
Each additional page $15.00
Making copy of any instrument in public records
By photographic process, to 8 1/2" X 14" maximum (per page) $1.00
Larger than 8 1/2" X 14" (per page) $5.00
By other than photographic process (per page) $6.00
Making microfilm copies of any public records
16mm 100' microfilm roll or less $42.00
35mm 100' microfilm roll or less $60.00
Documentary Tax Stamp Rate
$.70 per $100 consideration on all deeds and other instruments relating to real property or interests in real property
$.35 per $100 on consideration on mortgages
$.20 per $100 consideration on intangible property
Service Provided Fee
Plats on CD-ROM $37.50 per plat book
Certifying copies of any instrument in public records $2.00
Official Records on CD-ROM $37.50 per 4,000 images
Oath, administering, attesting and sealing, not otherwise listed $3.50
Searches for records, per each year's search $2.00
Preparing affidavit of domicile $13.50
Preparing affidavit of domicile and customer requests a copy $14.50 ($13.50 + $1.00 for copy)
Tax Deed Processing and disbursement $60.00
Electronic Tax Deed Sale Additional $49.00
Disbursement of excess proceeds, each $100 or fraction thereof $5.00
Certificate of transfer of liens to security pursuant to F.S. 713.24 $20.00
additional charge for each additional liens $10.00