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The Payroll Division provides payroll services to the staff of Manatee County Board of County Commissioners, Supervisor of Elections, and Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller.

The Payroll staff pays approximately 2,330 employees biweekly, on each entity's scheduled pay date. Additionally, Payroll pays poll workers periodically as elections are held. Poll workers may number as many as 2,000 in years of national elections.

Throughout the year, Payroll is responsible for the timely and accurate processing and remittance of payroll taxes, unemployment contributions, retirement and deferred compensation, insurance premiums, flexible spending deductions, garnishments, wage levies, and voluntary deductions such as United Way. Payroll staff prepares and files all monthly, quarterly and yearly tax reports. At calendar year end, Payroll prepares the employees' W-2 forms and balances related reports for federal filing.

Contact Information

E-mail: Diana Hughes Payroll Supervisor
Phone Number: (941) 749-1800 Ext. 6140
Fax Number: (941) 741-4011