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Why Everyone Is Talking About Manatee County's Popular Report!

The Financial Data Manatee County’s financial health is explained in language we can all understand.

It’s a One-Stop Shop for County-Wide Information
The Popular Report includes budget information for the County and all five constitutionally elected officers.

The Educational Content
Along with the financial and budgetary data, you get concise and current information about the operations of the Board of County Commissioners, the Clerk of the Circuit Court, the Sheriff, the Tax Collector, the Property Appraiser and the Supervisor of Elections.

Reflect and Enjoy
The images used in this report show “The Bridges of Manatee County.” Wooden bridges of the 1800’s have turned into the modern concrete and steel bridges of today, designed to withstand hurricane force winds. The bridges opened communication and the transfer of good and ideas throughout the area. Thousands of people cross our county’s bridges each day as they commute to and from work, school or entertainment. These bridges helped the county grow and impact who we are today.