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Please remember that the Deputy Clerks are not attorneys and cannot provide you with Legal Advice. The following is provided to you for informational purposes only to assist you in the process.

Small Claims

A Small Claims case is filed in County Court to settle disputes among parties where the dollar amount is $5,000.00 or less, excluding costs, interest, and attorneys' fees. In most small claims cases, the parties in the case represent themselves and it is not necessary to have a lawyer.

The Clerk's Office will provide you with the necessary forms to initiate your small claims case. Please be advised, however, that the employees of the Clerk's Office cannot provide you with any legal advice on any matter and cannot guarantee the collection of any amount found due and owing to you.

For more information about small claims read our Small Claims Information Sheet

County Civil

County Civil settles disputes for cases that exceed $5,000.00 but do not exceed $15,000.00. There are no forms available at the Clerk's Office for County Civil lawsuits. If you should choose to file your own case, the Law Library is available for research and has some forms available to copy. Please remember, the law librarian cannot answer any legal questions or give any legal advice. As in all matters involving the law, if you do not feel fully comfortable or qualified to represent yourself, you may want to consider obtaining the services of a competent lawyer.


The County Civil court is also where most Tenant Eviction proceedings are filed. The Clerk's Office has the packet for "Non-Payment of Rent" Evictions for Possession Only and a packet for Eviction and Damages.

Additional Information

ATTORNEYS - Save a trip to the Clerk's Office and submit your records electronically.

PUBLIC AND PARTIES TO A CASE - Save yourself a trip to the Clerk's Office and access court records on-line.

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